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About us

What we do and why we exist

Visualisointikuva, fiiliskuva

Shortly about us

Unrealer prides itself as being the digital catalyst of the real estate industry, constantly introducing new exciting technologies and concepts together with its industry leading customers. Matterport 3D showcases, aerial property videos and VR visualisation are among solutions that Unrealer has introduced and scaled in the market. Although seeking to be the front runner in new technologies, Unrealer is very passionate to make sure that all solutions bring actual business value to our customers from day one.

Our mission

We save the real estate industry from bad marketing material and we will change the way how real estates are sold and advertised.

Our vision

We are the leader of real estate marketing in Europe. We are the most wanted and best partner in real estate marketing

Why Unrealer?

What makes Unrealer unique and trustworthy

1. Overall solution

We have all the items you need, which is why there is no longer any need to use multiple players for the best scores.

2. Industrial knowlegde

Our company has established a strong knowledge in the construction and real estate sector, which is why we are better able to meet the needs of our customers than any other player in the industry.

3. Price/quality

Quality has always been our first criterion in both services and products. Our customers know that we only offer the best quality. With continuous process optimization, we have managed to remain a very cost-effective solution.

4. Service and expertise

We have gathered a group of real estate, marketing and sales professionals who have long experience in managing projects and making results for our customers.

5. Scaling among the needs

Whether it’s a small, one-house project or an entire district, we have the skills and resources to create all it needs for marketing. In addition, framework pricing enables us to provide predictability and marketing budgets can be done very precisely at an early stage.

6. Process

Our experienced project management is designed with clear and efficient processes. This avoids time loss and resources and reduces delays and hidden costs. We wan’t make the projects as easy for our clients as possible.

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