Privacy policy as required by Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99), clause 10

Last updated on Feb 25th, 2018

Name of registry

Registery of Unrealer Oy and online services.

Maintainer of registry

Unrealer Oy
Kaisaniemenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki

Usage of cookies in the website

We utilize cookies for improving the usability of the website and the user experience of the website. Cookies are used for analytics purposes (anonymized data) and logging into the SmartGallery service. If you wish, you can turn cookies off from your browser's settings at any point. By continuing using the website normally, you accept the usage of cookies as described above.

Grounds for maintaining the registry

By the consent of the end user, we process the personal information of business customers for contact purposes of Unrealer Oy. The personal information is only used for purposes of contacting the end users about Unrealer services they have expressed interest in.

Purpose of the registry

The end user's personal information is solely used for contact purposes of Unrealer Oy about its service offering. The personal information is never shared to third parties.

Contents of the registry

The online services process the end user's personal and contact information (name, phone number and email address). Any information in the registry can be processed to the extent that the Personal Data Act allows.

Regular data sources of the registry

The personal information is collected from contact forms on Unrealer Oy's online services. In these forms, the end user is informed about the usage of given information and their rights to the data.

Usage of personal information in customer communications

The personal information is solely used for contacting the end users about Unrealer Oy's services, which they have explicitly expressed interest in.

Regular transfer of data to outside EU or European Economic Area

Personal information is not regularly transferred outside EU or European Economic Area.

Principles of registry data protection

The information is stored into databases which are protected using the best practices of the industry. The databases and servers processing the information are secured in locked and guarded facilities. In addition, the registry is only accessible by a predefined, limited group of people of Unrealer Oy.

End user's rights to reviewing the collected data

As mandated by the Personal Data Act, the end user has the right to review whatever data has been stored about them into this registry. The request for review must be submitted to the following address in writing and with signature:

Unrealer Oy
Kaisaniemenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki