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Service categories

You only pay for the service which serves your need.

1. 3D visualizations and photography

Visualizations, 3D animations and photos taken by professional photographers, bring the client’s project alive.


Example outcomes:

– 3D visualizations created by 3D modelling

– Video production

– Virtual reality

– Real estate photoshoots

– Virtual staging

– Area models created by 3D modelling

2. Marketing

A successful content creation and marketing planning is a prerequisite for the project to stand out and evoke interest in the market.


Examples of outcomes:

– Website and a site for reservations

– Sales brochure

– Investment memorandum

– Interior design and material selection

– Advertising materials for different marketing channels

– Content creation and copywriting

3. Sales

Bo LKV real estate agency, which is part of the same group as Unrealer, is partnering with us in the sales part our clients’ real estate projects. Bo LKV is a forerunner in real estate sales and we are glad to provide you with our unique service package for real estate sales.

Examples of outcomes:

– Consumer sales

– Investor sales

– Real-time reporting

– Upkeeping the real estate base

– Investor records

Only one provider needed

Name it – and we serve it.


A fragmented market market of real estate marketing service providers calls for the use of many cooperation partners, plenty of resources and organizing abilities. The main goal of service providers might not be the success of their client’s sales. On the contrary, they wish to succeed in their own sales efforts.


We are there to make our clients’ life easier. Therefore we serve as an umbrella for everything you might need for the marketing and sales of your real estate. Our experienced project managers make sure that the whole value chain works seamlessly towards the goal of selling the client’s real estate. You only buy what you need, as our modular services help you to combine together the most suitable services for each specific project.


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